Tube Filling & Sealing Machine

PK 60 / AL / PL / Combo Linear is very effective filler providing many features as standard. The design of the machine is ergonomic and easy to handle and maintain for operators. Is a fully plc controlled machine . The filler is very flexible, and therefore suitable for different product segments. It provides production speed of 60 tubes per minute, depending on the tube size and type of product. The filling accuracy is excellent compared to competitor’s tube fillers in this speed range. All pneumatic controls are easily accessible without stopping the machine.

PK 60 AL / PL / Combo Linear

Output speed (min/hr) : 60 /3600
Fill Volume : 3 gms to 250 gms
Tube diameter : 12 mm to 35 mm / 10 mm to 50 mm
Type : Fully Automatic