Benchtop Piston Filling Machine

PK 20 PF Benchtop Piston Filling Machine for Viscous Liquids is a highly versatile, dependable, and accurate table top filling machine. This piston filler is capable of handling water thin to highly viscous products. This model features a highly accurate 3-way valve mechanism with fittings for the hopper, product cylinder and nozzle. The operator drops the material in to the hopper, adjusts the volume of fill to the desired setting and places an empty container under the filling nozzle. With a simple press of a foot pedal, the exact quantity of product is drawn from the hopper and dispensed into the container.

PK 20 PF

Output speed (min/hr) : 20 / 2700
Fill Volume : 10 gms to 500 gms
Type : Semi Automatic